Back in the day, air mattresses were considered as a temporary sleeping solution. In today’s world, they are being used as a new alternative to the spring mattresses. If you have been having trouble sleeping with your spring mattress, it is time you considered having an air mattress.

What’s an air mattress?

This type of mattress aids in supporting your body where your body needs it. They achieve this by molding your body to the desired shape you want. When you use conventional mattresses, pressure points will occur and this will interfere with the natural alignment of your spine. With air mattresses, these points are eliminated. The pressure points are known to impede the natural alignment of the spine. If the mattress is too hard or too soft, it will cause abnormal bends in the back.

Choosing the right type of air mattress.

Self-inflatable air mattresses – This type is made up of puncture resistant properties. They have open cell foam sandwiched between. They are heavy due to the additional layer. The layer acts as an insulator and this type of mattress can be adjusted to your liking.

Inflatable air mattresses – These need to be inflated manually and have been around for long. In the past, people used to manually inflate them, but thanks to technology, they come with an electric pump.

Sleeping pads – These are narrower than the other types of air mattresses. They are made of foam and have a top notch, comfortable sleeping mattresses. They help to keep a person warm thanks to the thermal layer created beneath. These are easy to fold since they are less thick and also not heavy. They are ideal for sleeping on hard surfaces and also help with insulation.


They are convenient. They can be easily transported and moved making them the best option for camping trips. They also are easily folded and deflated meaning they are easily carried. Another huge advantage is the fact that you can easily inflate them within minutes.

Things to consider when buying.

Purpose. Are they for indoor or outdoor use? If you have overnight guests, air mattresses are ideal. They save on space and are cost effective.

Size. They are available in three different sizes, queen, double and twin size. King size takes a lot of space and you should be taking note how many people will be sleeping.

Storage. You won’t need large space to store them. When storing it for camping purposes, make sure they are fully dry. This will prevent mildew from forming.

A good night’s rest will ensure that your daytime duties will be more enjoyable.